Transitioned from a PHD program in biochemistry to the NYC micro-brew industry.

"I was struggling to transition into a different industry, and Joshua helped me find my voice. He showed me how to tailor my resume and strengthen my personal statement to specifically fit the jobs I was looking for. His value came from his ability to use my current skill set and experiences to fulfill the requirements set out in any job, in any industry. He finds your strengths and teaches you how to appeal to most interviewers without fabrication, but by showing you how your experiences can be applied to success in other areas of interest. Since working with Joshua, I have achieved my goal of successfully making a change in my career path. Joshua has a deep understanding of people and their relationship with business. I highly recommend Joshua's services!"

Maddy - Career Collaborative

"Having Josh contribute to our program as a practice interviewer was an enormous advantage to our participants at Career Collaborative. He was able to offer insight into STEM-related industries and how those technical skills should be showcased in interviews. I know our participants appreciated his expertise and I look forward to working with Josh in the future."


Accepted a full time job offer to work as a Biomedical Engineer for Phillips Healthcare.

"Speaking with Joshua before my interview with a medical company was so helpful. He worked with me to refine my personal pitch to highlight the skills that engineering employers are looking for. It was great to have insight into what the interviewers are looking for in potential candidates and how to tailor my responses accordingly."


Transitioned from Law Enforcement to overseeing account logistics of international restoration company across state of Texas.

"When changing career fields, Josh's input on my resume was instrumental. I was attempting to transition from a career in Law Enforcement into a career in Logistics/Operations Management. He took my skills and accomplishments in Law Enforcement, coupled with my military experience, and was able to help me express the value of those skills in relation to a position in   Logistics/Operations. Josh went as far as researching the position and company I was applying for, reading the job description for that position, and tailoring my resume in such a way that highlighted my skills and experience specific to that job position within the company. His attention to detail and personal approach made a huge difference in my search for a new career."


Recent college grad with a degree in environmental engineering received job offer with international software company.

"I met with Josh prior to having some networking meetings and interviews. He was so helpful with advice on how to refine my answers to interview questions and how to highlight my skills to the job description of the positions. He helped me talk through what I wanted in a position and figure out how to communicate that to interviewers. Josh has so many wonderful insights from his own professional experiences, as well as his experiences helping others with their career search. He helped me build my confidence and recognize my potential. Josh has a fantastic understanding of how the hiring process works and how to best portray skills in a professional setting. After meeting with him, I had successful interviews using some of the tactics he helped me outline. I actually received a job offer at the end of the second interview. He is open-minded, understanding, and had my best interests in mind. I would highly recommend his services to anyone conducting a job search in any field."


Recent college grad with a degree in neuroscience received a job offer from a leading hospital in Boston.

"I was referred to Josh by one of his previous clients as I started to search for my first 'real' job. From our very first meeting, it was obvious that Josh is deeply passionate about helping people reach their full potential in the professional world. Throughout the entire time that we worked together, I always felt like Josh was as invested in my success as I was. He truly goes above and beyond to make himself available to anything you might need from him. From revising my resume and cover letter to helping me create a strong positioning statement to working through endless possible interview questions, Josh provided extremely valuable insight into what employers are looking for and how I could best present myself. He was an incredibly useful resource to have throughout my job search and I highly recommend him for anyone who needs guidance in their career!"


Data Scientist who earned a job offer from Dell.

"Josh is a great career coach who helps finding best version of you for the interview. Josh well tailored tone of my answer and helped my answer have more active voice. As an international with not much professional experience, I've found Josh's coaching especially helpful in understanding what's genuine and exact intention for asking certain questions and trimming my answer more aligned not only to the question but also to whole impression about myself. I highly recommend Josh to job seekers who wants to excel in hypothetical questions and to deliver how you can be best at that."


Level 3 Accountant who earned a job offer from the state of Massachusetts.

"I would recommend Josh to anyone looking for help on interviewing.   Josh was very helpful and most of all he was very accommodating.   He is willing to meet with you anytime and he also makes himself available by phone.  He knows what employers are looking for in candidates.   He will not only help you answer interview questions with clarity but he will help you craft a story to be able to show employers why you are the right candidate for the position."


UX Designer who earned a job offer with Aspen Technology.

"Acing job interviews definitely is a very daunting task and it was even more so for me, given it was my first job-hunt after Master's program. I am very excited to say that having a job offer was possible only because of Josh's genuine passion to help me, work with me in achieving my goal.  Josh made himself available to clarify any doubts before, after my interviews. What impressed me the most was his inquisitive nature to understand my domain, so that he could prep me for the interviews.  His guidance not only helped me get a job offer but has made me understand how to answer questions with clarity and brevity and I do apply these skill during meetings/discussions.  I highly recommend Josh for career coaching advice."